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(Only Pick 1) Scent Edition

January 26, 2015

I’m wrapping up the Only Pick 1 series with scents. In previous posts I picked my favorite face, eye, and lip products that are linked. I rarely wear any kind of fragrance because I always forgot to put them on.

  • Perfume. Lancome Magnifique. Sadly, Lancome doesn’t make this anymore, but this was my favorite perfume ever. I haven’t found a scent I really like since. Perfume is so expensive so I don’t want to spend $100 on a scent I kinda like. The search continues!
  • Body Spray. Victoria Secret Love is Heavenly. I’m a sucker for the little bottles of spray that Victoria Secret puts at the register. Since I don’t have a perfume that I use regularly, I have a few of the VS body sprays that I use. This particular scent is my favorite!
  • Shower Product. Ivory Original Body Wash. I don’t like body washes or lotions that smell like any sort of food or smell too sweet. This body wash just smells so clean and fresh.
  • Lotion. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. I normally just pick up whatever lotion at Target and would never spend $20 on such. I got this during a Buy 3, Get 3 Free sale at The Body Shop. I will have to pay when it runs out though because I love this stuff. It smells so good, it’s very hydrating, and isn’t greasy. I cannot stand a greasy lotion! You also get a lot of product so the price isn’t bad and it’s definitely worth it to me. I keep a smaller size of it on my nightstand and one in my purse.

I had so much fun sharing my favorites with y’all. Thanks again to Mia for coming up with the idea. Be sure to check out her blog

Thanks for reading!

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