Friday Five

Friday 5: Netflix & Chill Essentials

April 7, 2017

This is the first weekend in 3 weeks that I will be staying home! *praise hands emoji* I love nothing more than spending the weekend at home with Winds getting lost in a good show.

Before I hunker down, I have to change into my comfy clothes and grab a few things

  1. My pillow–I’ve slept with a satin pillow case on my pillow since I was little. If you’ve never had one, pick one up and thank me later 😉
  2. A soft, fluffy blanket–I have so many of these around my apartment, but you can never have too many. I keep my apartment cold because I like to stay bundled up.
  3. Windsor–This pup is all about a fuzzy blanket and snuggles and I’m not mad about it.
  4. A snack and a Diet Pepsi–I’m a Diet Pepsi addict and there’s usually one within in reach.
  5. My laptop. How else am I going to watch Friends in bed?

The people at the lingerie and sleepwear company, Adore Me inspired this post.

What show should I start next?

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  • Ashley Sue April 8, 2017 at 5:01 am

    These are all great essentials! I definitely love a nice relaxing weekend at home, and I think Netflix is my best friend sometimes lol!!

    • loubsandlips April 8, 2017 at 7:22 pm

      Winds and I are not leaving the couch today and I’m totally ok with it!

  • Lily April 9, 2017 at 3:13 am

    Yes girl! This is me Friday nights — except Charlie doesn’t like to cuddle…

    • loubsandlips April 9, 2017 at 3:39 am

      Winds will cuddle for a little while, then he’ll lay in his bed, then he’ll come back and cuddle. Other times, I force him haha