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October 9, 2017

You may have noticed some silence around these parts lately, sort of on purpose, sort of not.

For starters, that age old excuse of “busy” comes to mind. I try to get my posts done on the weekends because I don’t have time during the week, but my weekends have been pretty full here lately. I do work full time and spend most of my time on the computer. Therefore, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is spend more hours staring at a computer screen. Also, I have a dog to snuggle, Netflix to watch, books to read, etc. I’d rather send my time playing and snuggling with Windsor than doing just about anything else.

I also think blogging has just become too much for me lately. SEO, algorithms, affiliate links, views, collabs, and oh the competition, it is all just too much. Blogging used to be a fun way to share your passions and connect with other people with similar interests. What happened to that?! As a blogger and a blog reader, I can see it from both sides. As a blogger, you put time, money, energy, and effort into a post and you want it to perform well. I get it. You work hard and you would like the reap some rewards from your hard work and time. On the flip side, the average reader doesn’t have a clue about what goes on behind the scenes with SEO, links, views, etc. They just see a post, like it, read it, and decide to start following along. Say that a certain post didn’t perform well, should you never post about that subject again? Should you spend time beating yourself up that your HOURS of work equaled nothing? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Numbers don’t mean everything.

I’ve met some great people and formed a great group of friends in the blogging world and I am truly thankful for each and every person. I choose to follow genuine bloggers. Bloggers who keep it real and that I can tell are always truly themselves. However, there are so many that too into themselves, too greedy, and too hungry for fame and money and it’s just not cute. It’s ok to be yourself!! You don’t have to shop here and buy this and that just because someone else does. Do your own thing! Eventually, you will get tired of trying to keep up and making sure you always have your game face on.

There are just so many more important things in life and this world. The recent events in Las Vegas is just one example. Of course I was scrolling through Instagram while watching news coverage last week and I saw so many “Pray for Vegas” posts which warmed my heart. However, that post for prayers was quickly followed by, “Go check out my new picture and be sure to shop using my link!” (paraphrasing that) **my girl, Brittany, did it right** I get people cope differently and the world can’t come to a complete halt because of a tragic event. I even understand that pretty clothes are a distraction from the ugliness of this world, however, there is more. I just don’t understand how you can post about being heartbroken, but ask people to use your link to purchase in the same sentence. Is getting the commission from that click & purchase really THAT important?

I just need a break to figure out how and if I want to move forward. I still love fashion and beauty and sharing my finds and reviews. I just want to get back to where blogging is fun. I used to try a product or find a cute top and think, “I can’t wait to post about this!” I want to want to write, not feel like I have to. I will admit, it has been nice to worry about having content scheduled.

I’ll still be testing and trying beauty products, keeping up with my favorites and manicures, and I may even shoot an outfit or two. I just want to come back better and not bitter.

I didn’t write this to offend anyone and I’m not talking about one specific person. I’m just sharing my feelings and letting you all know why I haven’t been posting. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments. 

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  • Lindsay October 9, 2017 at 11:54 am

    I wondered where you’d been. I have missed you. I do agree with what you’re saying – it’s certainly exhausting. I try to balance, though I’m not sure I’m doing a great job. As I’ve shared recently, we’re at risk of losing our pension, so I do not feel guilty about trying to make money. At all. But some people take it a little far.

  • Lily October 9, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Yes, yes, YES!! Girl you totally nailed this!! There have been SO many times where I’ve had enough of the competition and wanted to quit it all. But at this point, I’ve invested too much to let it all go. I still find joy in it though, it still makes me happy. But I totally know where you are coming from as far as the Vegas event and such. I completely rocked my world when I heard the news — I couldn’t post to social media (but I had blog posts already scheduled) I was heartbroken. I noticed a few people doing what you mentioned above and it truly shocked me. I get that this is their full time job and probably their main source of income…but I’m trying to make money and save for a house, but there’s a line.

  • Ashley October 9, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    I can relate some much to this post, Hannah! I’ve been slacking on my blogging lately, actually for quite some time, and I hate feeling like I have to blog. I miss when it was just fun, and I did it because I wanted to. That’s why I’ve slowed down a lot and don’t post much anymore. I hope you enjoy time away from blogging and find it fun again someday!

  • AyRGalaxy October 10, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    So much yess in this post 🙂 It’s always good to take a break, I’ve had to do that several times because I felt like I was heading where I didn’t want to. I don’t want to monetize my blog, and in terms of numbers, my blog doesn’t do too well compared to others and I often think “well…what’s the point?” and I just have to sit and ponder on why I even started in the first place, because it was FUN, I love sharing stuff with others. I’ve never pressured myself to do anything like getting pretty clothes or expensive makeup just for the blog. Like you, I’ve decided to only follow genuine bloggers as well, because there are so many people out there who just want to be famous and well, good luck to them if they want to do that, but I can’t follow them if fame is all they care about. Blogging was a humble thing to do and now I feel like it’s turning into something else…

  • Angela October 12, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I can definitely relate, and it’s really nice to take a break sometimes. I hope that you come back though!